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One of our favorite things about Sonrise is hearing from people who’ve been touched by something they heard on the show. Whether it’s a song that made an impact on your life, or a story that someone shared, it’s great to know that it’s helped in some way, so if there is something that has touched you in a special way, we’d love to hear about it. Everybody has a story, and we’d love to hear yours.

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bemyfriendIt’s not unusual to hear kids say to each other “hey do you wanna be friends?” But what if it comes from a 90-year-old? Marleen Brooks came home one night and found a note on her door from her 90-year-old neighbor Wanda. It said “Would you consider becoming my friend. I’m 90 years old and live alone. All my friends have passed away. I’m so lonesome and scared. Please, I pray for someone.” It broke Marleen’s heart, so she posted the story on her social media pages, saying the note made her sad, but on the bright side, she’d be getting a new friend! Wanda actually ended up with two news friends; Marleen took her best friend with her and visited Wanda with cupcakes! You can see the rest of the story here. Wanda’s loneliness isn’t uncommon, especially among elderly people. If you know someone that’s in that boat, reach out and be the friend they just might need.