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averygrahamWhen it comes to young kids with a heart for others, 5-year old Avery Graham is on top of the list. Avery heard about a Trainer Borough, PA police officer with Stage Four Cancer so he wanted to help raise money for the treatment. He started selling bracelets to help, and when Officer Steve Adamek came back to work after months of treatment, he and his fellow officers decided to thank Avery in a special way. One by one, police cars came down Sunset Street with lights and sirens, and soon about 50 police officers and half the neighborhood were in front of Avery’s house! Avery got his own Trainer Borough Police uniform and a ride along with Officer Steve. See the video story.







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#10 Forgiven
#9 What A Beautiful Name
Hillsong Worship
#8 I Wanna Go Back
David Dunn
#7 Testify
#6 Jesus
Chris Tomlin
#5 Never Been A Moment
Micah Tyler
#4 Come Alive (Dry Bones)
Lauren Daigle
#3 Chain Breaker
Zach Williams
#2 Rise
Danny Gokey
#1 Love Broke Through
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