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bostoncookiebusinessWhat do you do if you are a great baker and create cool new cookie recipes, but keep getting turned down for a job? That’s what happened to Collette, a young woman with Down syndrome. She was told time and time again that she wasn’t a “good fit,” so she was determined to start her own business to show people just how able she is. Collette's story was picked up by the local CBS station in Boston as a “feel good" story for the holidays. Within 10 days, she had over 9 million views on her Facebook page, and over 50,000 cookies ordered! Plus, she’s gotten over 65,000 letters from people all over the world. Now she not only owns her own business, Collette's plan moving forward is to increase production and build her professional team in Boston as Phase I. People are supporting “Colettey’s Cookies” using the go fund me page that’s been created. Check out her website -







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