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friendmovesinChris and Norma aren’t married or even dating… but they are living together. 31 year old Chris Salvator met his neighbor Norma Cook when he moved in across the hall from her in a West Hollywood California apartment. They regularly spent time together, but when Chris found out what Norma’s doctor said, he stepped in to help. Norma is 89 years old and her doctor said she couldn’t live alone anymore. Now, the two are inseparable roommates, and love spending time together. Chris said “I was over there visiting most days anyway. My life has changed forever because of Norma and what happened”. Check out the awesome story.







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Sonrise Top Ten
#10 Forgiven
#9 What A Beautiful Name
Hillsong Worship
#8 I Wanna Go Back
David Dunn
#7 Testify
#6 Jesus
Chris Tomlin
#5 Never Been A Moment
Micah Tyler
#4 Come Alive (Dry Bones)
Lauren Daigle
#3 Chain Breaker
Zach Williams
#2 Rise
Danny Gokey
#1 Love Broke Through
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